You Don’t Need Millions To Have What You Want

Life Lesson #1: You don’t need to be a millionaire to get what you want out of life.

Most powerful lesson I ever learned before, during and after filing bankruptcy in Ontario (Canada).

When a lot of us think of our wildest dreams we think about being rich and successful and having millions and billions of dollars to do whatever we want. The trick however to identifying exactly what we even want out of life. Do we want to live on our own island in Fiji soaking in the sun all day? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? But when you dig deep down you might start to think that that’s not the most rewarding life to have, a life of sitting around doing nothing all day. Hollywood does really glam it up with the California beaches though!


So when I sat down and gave some serious thought to what I wanted most out of life I quickly discovered while I would need some money, I didn’t need millions to lead a satisfying life. I certainly didn’t need it for my ego, I just wanted what I wanted to be happy. No more, and ideally no less.

Next came the hard times, I lost my job and ended up living on credit cards for far too long (lesson #2 to come: Emergency Funds and why they’re important). I managed to claw my way back from losing all of my assets and income to living my life’s dream. I hope you follow along to see how this all unfolded and how I even figured out what I truly wanted out of life.

Credit for my financial well being goes to Hoyes Michalos (trustees) for help me through the entire bankruptcy process. I will certainly be dedicated a post to them when the time comes!